Today Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan issued the Presidential Election Order. This Order not only provides the details for the upcoming election on 27th October between 7am and 10pm, but it also means that voters who intend to receive a postal vote have just two days in which to register.

Voters can cast their ballots by post if they are a member of the diplomatic corps posted abroad (or their spouse), a Garda, a member of the Defence Forces, have an illness or disability, are a full-time student away from home, cannot vote because of your job, or are in prison.

Voters who require a postal vote because of illness or disability should seek form PV1, while any other prospective postal voter should seek form PV2.

Furthermore, people who are eligible to vote, but who are not currently on the register of electors, still have time to apply for entry to the supplementary register of electors, which will be published before voting day. Applications for inclusion on the supplementary register must be received in Kildare County Council by Monday 3 October.

Forms to be added to the register (both supplementary and postal) can be downloaded from or obtained from Kildare County Council