Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, Anthony Lawlor, strongly backs a Yes vote for the referendum on the Stability Treaty on 31st May. Fine Gael formerly launched its campaign today (Tuesday 1st May) with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny stating that a Yes vote in the Stability Treaty Referendum will send a strong signal to companies that Ireland is the right country in which to invest.

“More than ever Ireland needs certainty and to know that the future will be brighter. I strongly believe that a Yes vote will ensure Ireland’s path to recovery. Investor confidence in Ireland is key to our economic prosperity and in recent months we have had a number of large multinationals, including Paypal, Amgen, Microsoft, make huge investment in our country creating hundreds of jobs. These companies have done so because they consider Ireland to be at the heart of the Eurozone with a stable currency. Ireland’s reputation as a place in which to do business is once again growing and a Yes vote will add further to this international opinion. A Yes vote will indicate our commitment to the EU project and fiscal cooperation with other Member States.

“It is imperative that each and every voter informs themselves about the facts of this Treaty. That is why the Government is running the most comprehensive information campaign for an EU referendum ever held in this country. A copy of the Treaty accompanied with an information booklet is currently being delivered to every home in the state, and a dedicated website has been established ( to deal with any questions that may arise.

“I urge you to access this information and to make an informed decision on 31st May. It is also important to have a high voter turnout and people have until tomorrow, 2nd May, to apply for a postal vote, and Monday 14th May to be included on the supplementary register. This referendum is about your future and I believe a Yes vote will once again create a stable and confident Irish economy” concluded Anthony Lawlor TD,