Now it’s time to focus on the contents of the Treaty

Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, Anthony Lawlor, has welcomed the clarification at the EU leaders summit in Brussels that the text of the Stability Treaty will not change. Anthony Lawlor TD added that now it is time to focus on the facts and the contents of the Treaty in the run up to polling day.

“We’ve received categorical confirmation from the Taoiseach at the EU leaders’ summit that the text of the Stability Treaty will not change, putting to bed the false claims being made by those calling on us to reject the Treaty. We know what we are voting on, we know this will not change, so now is the time to focus on the facts.

“Despite what Sinn Féin and others have claimed, the Treaty is not going to change. Voting Yes on May 31st is in Ireland’s best interests, giving job creating investors the confidence they need.

“Voting Yes will also ensure we have access to the ESM, Europe’s new emergency fund, should we need it. The Referendum Commission has made this situation very clear on page 10 of their information leaflet sent to every home in the country. It clearly spells out the fact that only countries which ratify the Stability Treaty will be able to access this fund.

“So now that the two main myths about the Treaty have been dispelled, let’s focus on the facts. Let’s focus on what the Treaty means for Ireland and our future.

“The Stability Treaty will give investors confidence, it will ensure we have access to emergency funds if we need them, and it will make sure future governments stick to sensible

budget rules.

“A Yes vote on May 31st will be a key step on our road to economic recovery, helping to bring about the right conditions for growth.”