November 5th, 2012

Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, Anthony Lawlor, has welcomed the move by Punchestown Racecourse to call tomorrow afternoon’s Maiden Hurdle ‘Vote in the Children’s Referendum 10th November.’ The novel idea, by one of Ireland’s largest racecourses, is aimed at encouraging people to get out and vote this Saturday, in one of the most important referendums to be held in the history of the State.

“I was delighted to learn that Punchestown Racecourse has recognised the need for a high voter turnout in this Saturday’s Referendum. Their title for tomorrow’s Maiden Hurdle is a very clever idea, which I hope will encourage racing fans to vote in high numbers for the Children’s Referendum.

“The use of this race name will extend far beyond the confines of just the racecourse in Punchestown. The race title will also feature in race cards on sports pages, racing magazines, and on the international stage by being televised live on At The Races Racing Channel. I hope this will resonate with voters and remind people to use their ballot on Saturday.

“By voting Yes this Saturday you can help ensure we protect vulnerable children, support families and treat all children equally in adoption. The time has come for us all to put this country’s legacy of child protection failures behind us, and show that we have learnt from past failings. I am delighted that Punchestown has recognised the need to portray this message and commend them on encouraging a high voter turnout.”