I thank Deputy Tom Fleming for tabling this very worthwhile motion. I hope it will result in the human tissue Bill being brought forward much more quickly.

I must admit that those who donate and who are still living are extremely brave and courageous individuals. James Nolan’s sister donated her kidney in order that he might survive. I am also aware that Joe Brolly, a high-profile individual, donated one of his kidneys. I did not realise until four hours ago that I could become a donor simply by completing the form on the back of my driving licence. All people who wish to become donors need to do in this regard is what I am doing now, namely, putting an X in the multi-organ donor box and signing the form. I am happy that I am now a donor, although this may mean that I might be more use dead than alive. In the case of the new credit-card style licences, inclusion of the code 115 on the back indicates that a person is a donor. I hope that by means of my contribution to this debate, people will come to realise the simple way in which they can become organ donors and quite possibly save the lives of others when they themselves have passed away.