Dáil Question
No: 128

To ask the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport when funding will be made available for the N7 upgrade, Osberstown interchange and Sallins bypass; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

– Anthony Lawlor.

* For WRITTEN answer on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2014.

Ref No:

46399/14 Proof: 74

 Transferred (from) Public Expenditure and Reform — 03/12/2014 — Question No 505 (Written)

Answered by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport
Paschal Donohoe


As Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, I have responsibility for overall policy and funding in relation to the national roads programme.  The planning, design and implementation of individual road projects, including the Naas Bypass widening, is a matter for the National Roads Authority (NRA) under the Roads Acts 1993 to 2007 in conjunction with the local authorities concerned.

Within its capital budget, the assessment and prioritisation of individual projects is a matter in the first instance for the NRA in accordance with Section 19 of the Roads Act.

Noting the above, I have referred the Deputy’s question to the NRA for direct reply.  Please advise my private office if you do not receive a reply within 10 working days.

As regards the Osberstown Interchange and the Sallins Bypass, the improvement and maintenance of regional and local roads is the statutory responsibility of each local authority, in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 of the Roads Act 1993. Works on those roads are funded from local authorities’ own resources supplemented by State road grants.  The initial selection and prioritisation of works to be funded is a matter for the local authority.

It is important to state that the role of Exchequer grants for regional and local roads is to supplement Councils in their own resources spending in this area. While Councils could apply in the past for grant funding for certain road improvement projects, budgetary constraints mean that the Specific and Strategic Improvement Grants Scheme have had to be curtailed in order to maximise the funding available for repair and strengthening work of the road network.  I am not, therefore, in a position to give a commitment in relation to funding of these projects.