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Sensible Resolution to Accommodate Children from Pipers Hill NS

Sensible Resolution to Accommodate Children from Pipers Hill NS pencils

Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, Deputy Anthony Lawlor, welcomes the announcement by Sean Ashe, Chief Executive of the Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board, that Pipers Hill NS will remain on site at the new school in Craddockstown.

“I have worked closely with Sean Ashe in appealing to the Minister for Education and Skills to adopt this very sensible solution to the problem faced by the parents and children of Pipers Hill NS. Going back to a prefab situation was never going to be an option for these children and certainly it was not something I was willing to stand over.  It would have been a backward step given that facilities are in place in Craddockstown and the campus can facilitate both the children of Pipers Hill NS as well as the new first years who are due to start their second level education in Craddockstown this year”.

“This is a welcome development and a sensible solution in the short-term, however we still need to focus on finding a longer term solution so that Pipers Hill students will have their own school and this is something that I am committed to working on with parents and teachers.”