Kildare RoadsI very much welcome the allocation of €10.7 million to Kildare County Council for investment in regional and local roads. The announcement was made as part of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sports 2015 national investment programme for the maintenance and improvement of regional and local roads nationally.

Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of our road network is essential and following a number of severe winters it is much needed in Kildare.  It is an issue that arises daily in conversations with people in my constituency.  This allocation of almost €10.7 million will allow restoration and improvement works to be carried out in the constituency.

The priority is to maintain the existing road network, but there is also the potential of funding new construction through a discretionary grant to Kildare County Council of €2.2 million”.  Local authorities are best placed to assess priorities in Kildare and they have considerable autonomy in deciding on the work programme to be carried out in their area. These grants will supplement Kildare County Council’s own resource expenditure on regional and local roads.