Fine Gael TD for North Kildare, Anthony Lawlor, has welcomed                   LEADER

a funding package of €5.26 million for the LEADER element of the Rural Development Programme announced by the Government.

“Investment in the LEADER programme is of huge significance to Kildare. The LEADER programme is all about community led projects; it is focused on making the recovery local.”

Once approval for the programme has been given by the European Commission, Local Action Groups in Kildare will be invited to submit ideas for how funding should be spent. These groups will be set up in accordance with the EU Regulations and will consist of representatives across public and private socio-economic interests.

“I know in Kildare there are any number of projects where funding is needed and will be of huge benefit. We are committed to empowering rural Ireland, to giving the local people of Kildare the opportunity to identify where the LEADER programme funding should go and in controlling the allocation at a local level. With the new Local Government Reform Act 2014, this money will be controlled at a local level and therefore the allocation of resources will be much more targeted, cost effective and efficient. This should maximise the funding available to support important projects and the local communities.”