11th November 2015
Senior Executive Officer,
Roads, Transportation and Public Safety Department,
Kildare County Council,
Áras Chill Dara,
Devoy Park,
Co. Kildare

To whom it may concern

I wish to submit an objection to the proposed new route over Liffey Bridge in Celbridge. I agree that a solution needs to be found to the current traffic issues at this point but I strongly believe that the proposal to prevent drivers from turning right onto the Ardclough and Hazelhatch Roads is ill advised and will lead to greater problems.

There are a number of factors which I believe highlight how this proposal will have an adverse effect on the local community:

1. Safety concerns: Since the proposal was announced I have been inundated with representations from concerned parents in the area. This is a very residential area and there are very real fears that directing traffic down the proposed roads will put young children in danger. There are many children living in the estates adjacent to the Simmonstown and Hazelhatch Park roads and they of course play in the area. Increasing the volume of traffic in this area is not doubt creating a safety hazard and therefore must be reconsidered before an accident or fatality occurs.

2. Deflecting traffic problem: I believe that the proposed route will infact create further traffic congestion and delays at the three T Junctions central to this proposal (R403 & Shinkeen Road; R403 & Hazelhatch Park Road; Ardclough Road & Hazelhatch Park Road). Without proper traffic control measures such as traffic lights or roundabouts at these junctions, the current problem will just be deflected without solving the matter.

3. Discommoding residents: It is quite clear that this measure will be of huge inconvenience to residents travelling to estates on the Ardclough Rd, The Grove in particular. I do not think that the impact on individuals of this long diversion has been taken into due consideration.

4. Bus routes: I sincerely question how buses coming down the Dublin Road (R403) to proceed over the bridge will navigate the corner with the red delineator posts in place.

5. Ascetics: It has rightly been pointed out by many residents in the area that additional signage and the red delineator posts will be an eye sore and impact on the visual aspect of this historical and picturesque village.

I hope these points will be taken into consideration with regard to this proposal.

Kind regards
Anthony Lawlor TD

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