13th January 2016

Anthony Lawlor, Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, is urging homeowners to apply to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for the Better Energy Homes Programme in 2016.

“Upgrading your home under the Better Energy Homes Programme will have three major benefits 1) it will make your home warmer, 2) cut your heating bill by 50% and 3) increase the value of your home.

Figures released by SEAI highlight how Irish people are increasingly making their homes more energy efficient. Since the launch of the Better Energy Homes Programmes in 2009, 7,975 Kildare homes have applied for the grant and over €5.2 million has been awarded to 5,227 homes. Nationally 2015 saw a 44% increase in the value of grants awarded, with 12,500 homes upgraded.

SEAI are encouraging people to apply for the grant and are aiming to target 13,700 homes in 2016. By making your home more energy efficient, you are also helping to prevent climate change and I am calling on Kildare North homeowners to consider this option. You can apply for same online here.”