I am aware that there has been a lot of scaremongering with regard to the Sallins By Pass, N7 widening and Osberstown Interchange projects.

I wish to inform you of the facts:

1) Land for the Sallins By Pass is in the process of being purchased
2) Land for the road widening and interchange at Ladytown is in the process of being purchased to replace the existing junction at the Bundle of Sticks roundabout
3) The archaeological survey is currently underway
4) It has been agreed to have a single contract for all three projects
5) The road widening of the N7 is a priority for the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
6) I have been informed by National Road Design office that the railway line will be closed during Easter 2017 for the purpose of constructing the underpass for the Sallins By Pass
7) The contracts for the tenders will be prepared during this year
8) Funding has been allocated for works being completed in 2016.

I have publicly stated that I believe the works will be completed by 2020 at the latest and I stand over this comment.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.