Part 8 for Redevelopment of Naas Town Hall available for inspection


The Part 8 for Naas Town Hall – Library and Cultural Centre Redevelopment will be available for inspection at the offices of Kildare County Council and also Naas Community Library during public hours from 6th November until the 4th December 2018.  Submissions and observations with respect to the proposed development and dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made in writing before 4.00 p.m. on Tuesday 18 December 2018.


The Part 8 redevelopment will comprise of seven main changes:

  1. Demolition of outbuildings and offices in rear yard area.
  2. Change of use of building from Town Hall to Library.
  3. Construction of two rear extensions (single- and 2-storey) to provide extended library on ground floor, study facilities, meeting room, additional fire escape stairs and plant room.
  4. Changed levels and landscaping of rear yard area to provide space for market, educational area and car parking spaces. A new pedestrian access gate will be formed on the rear wall opening onto Abbey Street. New openings with wrought iron grilles will also be formed on the side yard walls, opening on to Town Hall Lane and Moat Lane. The existing arch at Moat Lane will be opened out to form a glazed side entrance to the Library.
  5. Internal alterations to existing building.
  6. Alterations to access steps at front entrance and revised landscaping.
  7. New signage



Fine Gael Senator Anthony Lawlor welcomed the news that Kildare County Council had applied for funding for the redevelopment of Naas Town Hall.  The redevelopment will include the moving of the Naas library from Basin Street back to the Town Hall, the construction of a multi-purpose facility to the rear of the building, as well as meeting and study rooms in the building.


The Council obtained funding from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government under the Urban Regeneration Funds. Kildare Libraries were also recently allocated €547,262 in funding for digital services and facilities. This investment will enhance ICT infrastructure, create new meeting spaces with state of the art technology and provide dedicated digital learning suites.



Senator Lawlor said “I welcome that this is part of the council’s plan for the redevelopment of the center of the town which also includes the area around St David’s Castle and Abbey Street. With Dunne’s Store also moving into the old Superquinn store these are positive developments for Naas.”


Senator Lawlor said: “Encouraging more people into the centre of Naas will benefit the social and economic life of the town. This is essential in supporting Naas as a self-sustaining growth town. Achieving this will give people and businesses the encouragement and confidence that Naas is a viable place to live and invest in.”