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Topical Issues Debate Thursday 16th January on Maynooth Schools

Deputy Lawlor makes a case for a “one school for one town” policy for Maynooth

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Useful Information for Job Seekers

I have put together this Information Guide for Unemployed people that I hope you might find useful for yourself, a family member, friend or neighbour.

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My report on casual labour in Ireland – Launched Wed 15th May 2012

Hours-based system for part-time jobseeker’s payments would be more equitable and fairer Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education Report 15th May 2012 An hours-based system for part-time jobseeker’s payments would be much fairer and more equitable, according to a new report by the Oireachtas Committee on

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List of Unfinished Housing Estate eligible for Household Charge Waiver now available

The list of Kildare housing estates eligible for the Household Charge Waiver is now available

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