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Dáil Question to Finance on retailers fears on introduction of plain packaging cigarettes

QUESTION NO: 93 for WRITTEN ANSWER on 11/03/2014 To ask the Minister for Finance in view of proposals to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes, if plans are being made to increase surveillance on the illegal cigarette trade taking into consideration retailers’ fears that there will be an

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Dáil Speech on Protection of Residential Mortgage Account Holders Bill 2014: Second Stage [Private Members Bill]

Tuesday, 4 March 2014 I compliment Deputy Michael McGrath on bringing forward this legislation. In the context of the debate in the last couple of weeks on the loan books of the former IBRC, a good strong debate on this is welcome. As the Minister said earlier,

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Dáil Question on renewal of licence for the Tote

QUESTION NO: 50  DÁIL QUESTION addressed to the Minister for Finance (Deputy Michael Noonan) by Deputy Anthony Lawlor for WRITTEN ANSWER on 05/02/2014 To ask the Minister for Finance further to the upcoming renewal of the licence for the tote, currently with Horse Racing Ireland, if this

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Dáil Speech on Betting Amendment Bill Thursday 16th January 2014

This Bill has been in the offing since the Finance Bill 2011 and it is a redrafting of the original 2012 Bill. I appreciate the work undertaken by the Minister in this regard. I come from an area which has two of the biggest race tracks in

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